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Natural Dressage might look like just another method for training dressage. In practice however it’s a whole different way of thinking about horses.

The theoretical part of this site is devoted to the theory and philosophy behind training dressage at liberty. And that might be more practical than you think! Exchanging reins for freedom and whips for carrots is so radically different from traditional training methods, that it will leave most of us with a lot of philosophical and theoretical questions.
Questions that will be answered over here are for example:
  • If you stop using corrections and pressure-release – then what will you do if you ask your horse for an exercise and he refuses to do it?
  • If you let your horse decide about what you’re going to train, won’t he become dominant?
  • Even more important: if you give your horse a choice to accept or refuse what you ask of him, won’t he become horribly lazy?
  • Of course you can exchange a pressure-release system with foodrewards, but is Natural Dressage also possible both without pressure and without food?
For the more impatient ones among us, ;) the answers to the last three questions are no, no and yes. If you want to know more about the philosophy behind Natural Dressage, you can also find a lot of answers – and even more questions! – on the AND forum.

The philosophical consequences of dropping all pressure and giving your horse real physical and emotional freedom during training are sometimes mind wrecking, but because of that also unbelievably exiting.

Have fun studying!

Read, write and ask more about Natural Dressage at the Art of Natural Dressage forum.
For info (in Dutch) on clickertraining and the book Vrijheidsdressuur: www.vrijheidsdressuur.info
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