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Nice of you to check this page out! I'll try to keep it updated on a regular basis with news on the ponies, the forum and of course that endless process of writing and illustrating of the book on natural dressage...

February 2011: Online Training Diary
I suddenly realised that it might be fun to show what training natural dressage looks like in practice. The theory always sounds nice, but what about the muddy reality...? So check out the training diary of Blacky, Sjors and Speedy at The Art of Natural Dressage Diary Section. You need to log-in though in order to read the diaries, but I wanted to put the link in here anyway.
January 2011: Some quiet time
The plan is not to give any clinics this year. Although I feel it's a huge privilege to train horses and their people, it's also become more and more of a privilege to hang out with the ponies I have around over here, especially when it comes to finding time to do so. So my New Years Resolution for this year is to annoy Blacky, Sjors & Speedy with my presence more, and in the meantime also think hard about publishing, writing and illustrating.
Summer 2010: Getting to know each other
Speedy and I have been training each other for six months now and I guess we've covered the basics by now: not exercises, but getting to know each other on a personal level. Speedy now is less and less (passive-) aggressive when he gets confused about new exercises - or if things simply aren't going fast enough. ;) His favorite exercises: Spanish walk, his first steps of passage and lying down flat on his side. Least favorite exercises: coming down to a halt, standing still, staying in one place, waiting for cues, not moving... :)
February 2010: New training companion
Blacky and Sjors now have a natural dressage-partner in crime... Speedy! A Welsh-partbred without papers but with a lot of character, energy and not too sure if playing with humans is his idea of fun. But I guess he just doesn't have a choice, as Frederieke has allowed me to take care of him and my number one goal is to show him that that doesn't necessarily have to mean the end of the world. ;)
January 2009: Let's get it started
Today the Dutch version of this website is online for the first time. If everything goes according to plan, there will be an update with new chapters every two weeks with more and more practical information about Natural Dressage.
September 2008: Let's go to the movies!
The first Art of Natural Dressage movies are online on YouTube! Bianca, Josepha and I have been bothering each other with the camera all summer long, resulting in the first five educational movies about AND training, from wild games and the basic exercises to Chase the Tiger, lateral movements and Haute Ecole exercises
Speedy at his best!
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