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Last year Bianca, Josepha and I thought it might be fun to start filming our Natural Dressage training sessions. Not only because we were very curious about the movies ourselves, not because as initiators of the Art of Natural Dressage forum we would have all the answers, but because with the movies we could give others an idea of what you can do without force or pressure and how you can train dressage at liberty in practice.

The great thing about the movies for me is that they’re just training sessions. Some things go well, other go less and a lot of the exercises we do are still halfway the training process. In that, they also show that Natural Dressage will look different with every trainer - simply because every horse and every trainer is unique.

The movies below can also be found on the NaturalDressage YouTube channel:

Art of Natural Dressage 1.: Chase the Tiger
Art of Natural Dressage 2.: Basic Exercises
Art of Natural Dressage 3.: Lateral Movements
Art of Natural Dressage 4.: Haute Ecole
Titum on a tree Sjors sitting in the snow Beau in terre a terre
Romy and Titum Sjors and me during a walk Barbara and Beau in terre a terre
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