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While writing the book Vrijheidsdressuur I was still thinking that it would be the biggest writing project I would ever undertake: a book that collected all the tricks and all the methods to train those tricks. Looking back, writing Vrijheidsdressuur was only the beginning. The beginning of the book Natural Dressage.

Where Vrijheidsdressuur focused on collecting all methods to train tricks, Natural Dressage will describe all the methods for teaching all classical dressage movements at liberty. Right now it's being written in Dutch, but it will also appear in English. Next to writing the book, the illustrating will take a lot of time as well. Vrijheidsdressuur had 343 photographs and 93 illustrations to explain all the movements, and the movements of Natural Dressage are even more complex!
Pictures from Vrijheidsdressuur

Right now we're still in the middle of the writing process - and training for the photoshoots! - and it's still the question if the book will appear in Dutch at the end of 2009 or 2010, but the English translation will appear soon after. Untill that time we'll frequently post parts of the early versions of the text on the site and there's also the Art of Natural Dressage forum which is bursting with information on training Natural Dressage - so why not start training already?

Vrijheidsdressuur, which was already published in Dutch is now also being translated in English and German, so keep an eye on this site if you feel like reading more about positive horse training!

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Read, write and ask more about Natural Dressage at the Art of Natural Dressage forum.
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